Our cat grooming services are designed to meet the individual needs of various cat breeds, providing comprehensive care and attention.

Svetlana with Kiara (2004)

Our cat grooming sessions cover a range of essential services, including claws clipping, ear and eye cleaning. Whether your cat needs a regular brush out or has severely matted fur, we can handle it all.

At our grooming salon, we not only provide top-notch grooming services but also offer guidance on maintaining your cat’s coat between sessions, including recommendations for cat grooming products.

To ensure your cat’s coat stays in optimal condition, we recommend visiting our professional groomer every 4-6 weeks.

For your convenience, we offer mobile Cat Grooming Service in London and surrounding areas.
Our service charge is £90, plus any necessary parking fees.

For detailed cat grooming prices, please visit our website at Pet Universe cat grooming salon: https://pet-universe.co.uk/cat-grooming-salon/case-studies/.

We extend a warm welcome to all our feline friends:

  • The young cats are a pleasure,
  • The mad cats are a laugh!
  • The old cats are a treasure,
  • And even the bad cats need a bath!