Our kitten Zeena had her 1st grooming session today at Pet Universe. She seamed very comfortable during the session and had a postive impact on her afterwards.

Friendly and professional staff, will definitely go back to them!!

Carmen, London,

Svetlana did an amazing job on my usually 2 very resistant cats. She came, she clipped and they were super happy.

Amazing!!! Excellent service!

Gaelle Marie Alexa, London,

Dear Svetlana,

Edita did such an amazing job yesterday, I can’t thank you and her enough. She was so good with my cats. Next time I’m sending them to the salon for a wet bath clean 🙂

Thank you

Annette, Wanstead, London,

Thank you VERY much Svetlana for all the care, patience and LOVE you have shown my mum’s cat. We have known you for nearly a decade now and you have ALWAYS been attentive and caring towards our cat.

You are the BEST!!!
All good wishes.

Lisa, Redbridge,

My husband and I have known Svetlana now for over 8 years and in all that time she has shown only compassion, kindness, caring and professionalism on ALL occasions to ALL the animals in her care.

Her premises is widely known for its high levels of hygiene. Svetlana is absolutely dedicated to ALL the animals in her care. I gave her a 5* rating but wish I could give her more.

Well done!!!

Andrea, Simba, Barkingside,

Pacific-Doh-Re-Mi (Persian Torte Colourpoint) I got Mimi as a rescue cat when her owner died. She arrived looking very matted and depressed; she wouldn’t wash herself and didn’t know what to do. I had not owned a Persian before so I was a bit lost. After a search on the internet I found Pet Universe and booked my first visit. Svetlana was very kind to Mimi and had a natural way which put Mimi at ease.

After 2 ½ hours and two full carrier bags of dead and matted fur Mimi looked beautiful. Her coat was silky and smooth and her face was clean and tidy. When we got home I noticed she started to wash herself and become very playful.

Mimi now comes every 2 months for bathing and grooming and always comes out looking amazing.
They work wonders here at Pet Universe.

Rachel, Basildon,

Smokey (Blue Persian) I’ve always wanted a Persian cat. I didn’t know they need a lot of grooming. I work full time so this is an issue for me. So thank God for Svetlana. Smokey has been a client at Pet Universe for a long time, where she gets a full clip and a bath, which she loves.

I would strongly recommend Pet Universe to all who love their pets. Thank you Svetlana and Team for your wonderful work.

Paulette, Chingford,

Dear Svetlana, Musa and i would like to thank you and your team once again for doing a fantastic job. Its exactly what i wanted done. He is not looking no where like a ‘bald monkey’!! I have got the next booking on 3rd December.

Can’t believe you guys are in so much demand, already people have booked for December. Well i am not surprised considering the extreme professionalism you and your staff display. Like i said before you now have a long term customer.

Many thanks once again and see you soon!

Shahnaz, London,

Hi Svetlana,
Thank you for the wonderful job which you did with our cat. It probably took about 24-48 hours for him to adjust to his new look and for our other cats to re-engage with him. So, it wasn’t long before Boots resumed his integral part in the gang.

As he adjusted to his new appearance, he soon began to reap the benefits. He found a new and previously undiscovered fast speed with which to race around our home in the evenings. His stream lined look also lent itself to climbing and I would find him sitting in places that he’d never been able to access before.

Many thanks,

Katie, London,

Dear Svetlana,
Musa and i would like to thank you and your team once again for doing a fantastic job. Its exactly what i wanted done. He is not looking no where like a ‘bald monkey’!! I have got the next booking on 3rd December. Can’t believe you guys are in so much demand, already people have booked for December. Well i am not surprised considering the extreme professionalism you and your staff display. Like i said before you now have a long term customer.

Many thanks once again and see you soon!

Shahnaz, London,

Svetlana and her team always have endless patience with our rescue cat Molly, who can be difficult with strangers at the best of times. She has a fairly long haired coat, and due to an injury received before we had her cannot reach the area at the bottom of her spine to groom it properly so can get fairly matted if she is not groomed properly.

Molly has always come home beautifully clean and well groomed, and I can’t praise all the staff at Pet Universe enough for the care that they show her above and beyond that you would expect from a grooming salon. Molly is a very important member of our family, and it speaks volumes that I entrust Molly to them on a regular basis.

I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Pauline, London,

Dear Svetlana Hi, i would like to say what a marvellous job you did with my 4 month old persian. I was really amazed at before and after grooming and bath transformation. I had visited Shampooch in Enfield prior coming to you and i must say i was thouroughly disappointed with their services.

They hardly spent 5 minutes with trimming of my kitten’s bottom. The hour that you gave speaks for itself. Now Musa can’t stop cleaning himself, whereas prior he was struggling and his long fur would get in the way. Although it was a one hour journey to you, it was definitely worth it. I am happy and so is my Musa. You’ve got a customer for life!!

I certainly won’t be using anyone else for sure! See you again and thank you and your staff.

Shahnaz Camatchee, Enfield,

Pet Universe have been keeping my pedigree Maine Coon in top condition for 5 years now. Svetlana’s team of experts are so enthusiastic, kind and knowledgable. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Thoroughly recommended!!!

Fraser, London,

I have a persian cat who gets a tremendously fine and full coat. She will be fine for a while and then knots and becomes matted very fast! I have taken her to Svetlana many times now and they are wonderful at their jobs!

I have just got back with both of my cats and they are clean, de moulted and seem to feel a lot better. I would highly recommend Svetlana and her team, they do a very professional job with the utmost care for the animal.

Nothing seems to be too much trouble and I am very glad to have found this service!
Thank you!!!

Gia, London,

My very large crossbreed was treated to an exceptional Grooming, fur trim, nails clipped and he came home very happy, they collected him and dropped him back home for me and he has slept much better now that he is more comfortable and although he is very old he seems to be a lot less lethargic. I am extremely happy with the service and I believe it was real value for money, I shall certainly use them again.

Thank you!

Yvonne Coia, London,

I have two long haired cats that need to be groomed regularly. I would not take them anywhere else, Svetlana is so kind and reassures even the most nervous cat. My cats come out of the salon looking lovely and feeling proud.

Highly recommend all the staff at this grooming salon.

Jan, London,

This was our first time taking our MaineCoon cat Rambo for a hair grooming session. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised. The staff were fantastic, we initially had a consultation to discuss what was needed and what was best for the our cat and to help improve his coat.

The session took approximately 2 hours, he looked amazing when we went back to pick him up. He actually seemed much happier! He had his hair washed and trimmed, and through brushing they removed his undercoat. It was shocking seeing how much dead hair he had underneath,it must be a lot cooler for him now in this heat! 🙂 We will definitely be taking him back soon! we would recommend pet universe to everyone!

It’s worth every penny!!! 🙂

Lara Smarsh, London,

Have never found such an amazing Pet Salon! Everyone should treat their pets to a pampering with Svetlana!

Thank you!

Kate, London,

I have recently completed a Cat Grooming course at Pet Universe and it was the best time I have ever had in my life. The staff were so friendly, supportive and helpful and I left at the end of it feeling really confident. I would recommend Svetlana and her team to anyone and I am really glad I went.

Money VERY well spent!

Louisa McCarthy, London,

Svetlana was just wonderful and did an amazing job today on removing a lot of very stubborn deep mats from my long haired cat. The centre was easy to reach and park at and they were friendly and explained clearly what they were going to do. She reassured me when I was worried about how he was going to look and cope with the grooming and I can honestly say he looked so happy and proud when I collected him! I opted to have him bathed and dried too and his coat is shiny and glowing.

He has never looked so good and I genuinely think he enjoyed the attention! A huge thank you for completely sorting him out and making him look so good! You were kind, caring and did a wonderful job.

I highly recommend Svetlana and her team and will definitely go back.

Guest, London,

I took my cat Shadow to Pet Grooming here in London. It is a small business out of a home.

They was very gentle with Shadow, they did no other animals that day, so it was a stress free environment.
My Persian Cat was badly matted,because I just got him from an ad in the newspaper. His ears were in very bad shape but they did a great job fixing him up.they even brushed his teeth and gave me a toothbrush to go home with.

I would go back to them for sure!

Summer7, London,

I took Willow to be groomed for the first time today and Svetlana was brilliant! She asked if I would like to stay and watch and I learnt so much about grooming I would happily have paid if she’d not even touched my cat! She talked to Willow the whole time to reassure her. The cat’s a Persian that doesn’t like having her belly combed, so that and her armpits had become a bit matted.

She had a belly shave then a thorough comb, plus a general trim and tidy up. The amount of fur combed out of her left me stunned… she’s half the size she was this morning, hehe! But so much prettier 🙂

Svetlana was a complete professional, and very obviously a total cat lover.

I will definitely be going back to Cat Grooming Specialist in London.

Guest, London,

As you did such a fantastic job with Peg last year, we had absolutely no hesitation in inviting you back to care for her again this year. She is so much happier once more, and loves her new hair-do! Her twin sister Meep also looks fabulous after her nail-clip and grooming session. They both say thank-you, as do we!!! All the advice you gave on which brushes to use and how to groom them both properly was invaluable.

You’re an absolute star! Lots of love! Thank-you!!!

Kieran & Heather, Leytonstone,

Just a note to say thank you so very much for attending to my cat and for the advice and after care.

I will continue to groom her daily so the bad matts don’t come back. The flea spray worked and shes rid of them now and the balm cream you gave me is helping wound heal.

She has been sleeping lots since your visit and I like to think shes doing so as shes not being bothered by the insects on her. I really cant thank you enough espeically coming to see me at short notice and I would like to recommend you to anybody who has a problem with their cat coat, probably like others I thought I could brush out or clip the coat myself but Im no expert and I feel somewhat bad I let it get in the condition it had but as per your advice and your web site it helps the cat.

So once again a very big thank you so much appreciated.
Kind regards!

Linda, South Ockendon,

Dear Svetlana,
You gave my blue persian Tuesday the Lion cut about three weeks ago and you may remember i was very nervous about it, but i have to say you were right. Tuesday loves it and is like a new cat. She was never a particularly affectionate cat, but now she is always on my lap – even now – and constantly demands cuddles. She is grooming and playing more too. So we will defiantely be back as Tuesday seems much happier with her new hair do – even if she is prompting much laughter from everyone that sees her!

Thank again!

Kristy, Walthamstow,

Hi Svetlana,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say what a difference you have made to our Macha. From aloof skittish wild eyed rescue cat hiding under the bed, she has become Macha the stroking slut. There are days she’ll even take strokes over food, and purrs and purrs while we pet her.

She is still nice and silky, and because there are no knots to annoy her (or us) she has become much more friendly and approachable, and it has transformed our relationship with her. She still hates being brushed though, so I thought imagine she will be back when she starts looking scruffy again, unlike her sister Maeve, who miaows piteously if we do not brush her for at least 15 minutes every morning.


Su, Wanstead,

Dear Svetlana,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for the wonderful job you did on Seville and Pluis! When I came home I could take a good look at them standing up and showing off their wonderful shaped cuts!

They both look fabulous + this is definitely the best they have ever looked. Also, I think they are thrilled with it – even Pluis is cleaning himself a bit more! It was lovely to meet you and thank you for taking care of my kitties so well.

Best Regards.

Rosalie, Stratford,

Very happy with service! Will use it again! Thank you!

Paula, Ilford,

Hi Svetlana,
You came to see Peg last night to get rid of some of that awful matting in her fur. I just wanted to say a big Thank You – she is so happy today and loves her new hairstyle. Like you said – her sister Meep does not recognise her so a lot of hissing going on – she doesn’t recognise her new perfume either. Am sure they will sort it out.

Have a good weekend!

Heather, Leytonstone,

Very good and confident in handling very difficult cat’s behaviours, very professional!

Silvia, Walthamstow,

Very kind to all 3 of us, will be happy to return!

Amanda, Upminster,

Very good and very gentle with our 17 years cat.

John-Paul, Leytonstone,

Very pleased with mobile service and pleased with results of cat grooming!

Dale, London,